Praise for Free Yourself from Workplace Bullying


“This is a brilliant, insightful guide and toolbox for managing, escaping and recovering from bullying in the workplace. Because many of us have experienced bullying to some degree, wherever we have worked, this book is essential reading for everyone. It is a hugely valuable resource which sadly is needed now more than ever.”

Donal MacIntyre Investigative Journalist and Broadcaster; Visiting Professor, School of Applied Criminology, Birmingham City University


“This is a seriously courageous – and much-needed – book. Aryanne shares her deep insights into the dynamics and impact of bullying. She offers a painfully accurate picture of the experience of being bullied, in a way that your head nods along in instinctive recognition of the truth of her words!

She gracefully empowers the bullied to take responsibility for resolving the situation without in any way ‘blaming the victim’. Demonstrating her deep understanding of the emotional dynamics of bullying, and even drawing on modern neuro-science principles, she then guides those who are bullied in a practical and step-by-step way to reclaim their personal power and sense of dignity, and change their situation, no matter how hopeless it may seem.

A must-read for HR practitioners, managers and supervisors, coaches and professionals in the field of workplace bullying, and anyone who has experience of bullying.”

Bennie Naude International Energy Psychology Expert