Praise for Free Yourself from Workplace Bullying

“This is a brilliant, insightful guide and toolbox for managing, escaping and recovering from bullying in the workplace. Because many of us have experienced bullying to some degree, wherever we have worked, this book is essential reading for everyone. It is a hugely valuable resource which sadly is needed now more than ever.”

Professor Donal MacIntyre Investigative Journalist and Broadcaster; Visiting Professor, School of Applied Criminology, Birmingham City University


“This is a seriously courageous – and much-needed – book. Aryanne shares her deep insights into the dynamics and impact of bullying. She offers a painfully accurate picture of the experience of being bullied, in a way that your head nods along in instinctive recognition of the truth of her words!

She gracefully empowers the bullied to take responsibility for resolving the situation without in any way ‘blaming the victim’. Demonstrating her deep understanding of the emotional dynamics of bullying, and even drawing on modern neuro-science principles, she then guides those who are bullied in a practical and step-by-step way to reclaim their personal power and sense of dignity, and change their situation, no matter how hopeless it may seem.

A must-read for HR practitioners, managers and supervisors, coaches and professionals in the field of workplace bullying, and anyone who has experience of bullying.”

Bennie Naude International Energy Psychology Expert


“Easy-to-read and practical, this book gives effective, realistic help for those who are being bullied. ​The level of detail in the many well-crafted examples will help readers recognise their experience. The extensive toolkit provides a myriad of ideas for tackling bullying situations. This book reflects the author’s many years helping employees tackle workplace bullying and is a useful, smart and thoughtfully written resource.”

Professor Charlotte Rayner Outgoing President: International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment; Visiting Professor of HR Management, Portsmouth Business School, Portsmouth University


“This is a remarkable resource, full of useful advice on a very serious topic.”

Joy Orpen Sunday Independent (Ireland)


“This is exactly the book you need if you are feeling intimidated by a bully at work, are involved in HR or L&D, or are managing staff. It covers a comprehensive range of subjects to help develop understanding and strategies for dealing with workplace bullying. Each chapter has a useful summary of key facts which act as a quick reference point, and practical questions to challenge thinking and encourage self-reflection. This will not only help the reader develop their own knowledge, but empower those experiencing workplace bullying to take action.”

Tracy Wray Deputy HR Director, Sheffield University


“[This] is definitely a title to be aware of should you or anyone you know be unfortunate enough to have experienced bullying in the workplace.”

Simon Toseland Safety and Health Practitioner Magazine


“My experience as an HR Director in several large and complex organisations has left me in no doubt about the toxic effects of bullying on those who are targeted, and on the environment where bullying thrives. This very readable book is from an author with real insight into this difficult area. The book is full of practical tools to assist the reader to regain their power from the bully in a professional and dignified way, so that they can sustain their employment. I believe this is a must read for anyone who is being bullied, or who needs to recover from workplace bullying. Importantly, it can also help those who are supporting these people and their organisations.”

Jackie Green former HR Director for Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals; former Assistant CEO at The Housing Corporation


“Most of us didn’t expect to encounter bullying at work, thinking it’d be something we’d left behind with our school days. How wrong can we be! Unfortunately, bullying is not uncommon in the workplace. Aryanne’s insightful book is an invaluable aid and toolkit to understanding, addressing and overcoming bullying behaviour. Through a selection of carefully crafted real life examples, she introduces the reader to an effective skill set to protect against future bullying.”

Steve Moon Independent Consultant and former Head of Energy, Global Project Finance, Bank of Ireland


“I wish I’d had this book to hand early in my career. I’d have loved to have been able to apply Aryanne’s qualitative tests for recognising bullying. This book will provide a treasure trove of useful information and help for anyone suffering from – or having suffered – bullying, or for those whose job involves managing bullying situations in their organisations.”

John Allison former General Manager of a large publishing company


Looking at real-life situations, Aryanne Oade deciphers the dynamics of workplace bullying and provides the reader with clear and simple solutions. She adroitly and sensitively highlights the nuanced character of bullying, sharing with readers an empowering set of tools through which to address it.

Her sound insights and keen, practice-based comprehension result in a book which is suitable for people across a wide variety of workplaces and job profiles. The book’s focus is positive and progressive throughout, encouraging readers to learn new skills, internalise new ways of thinking about themselves and the bullying they are subject to, and answer thought-provoking self-awareness questions. “

Dr Premilla D’Cruz Professor of Organizational Behaviour at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad